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Starling Group


Introduction to company

Starling group founded in 1986 is one of the first family offices globally dedicated to investing in the private equity funds and venture capital class.  Since then it has grown into a respected trusted and highly successful family office with a global investment portfolio.  Starling today  boast  of an extensive  and diversified  global portfolio consisting  of buyouts funds and  venture capitals funds  with exposure  to various private equity  markets such as  the north American,  European, and Asian  private equity markets.

Computerization / Software Requirements

Starling group were completely working manually in each department before ZOHO apps, all of their department including sales, operation, marketing, finance and Human resources were totally relying on manually systems, and they were looking for CRM, Finance, HR and Employees Traveling expense management system.


Due to large number of employees and spelled across 3 countries they were not able to track employees and the cases of investments and there status, Along with its getting really difficult to manage employees and their travelling expenses management as they are always moving remotely across the globe and the back log works piles up converting it into tedious job for operation and finance..


AL-FAHAD proposed and Implemented ZOHO ONE in which ZOHO CRM for their sales operation management, ZOHO Books for purchase management, ZOHO Expense for employees expense management and ZOHO PEOPLE for Human Resource management in starling Group as whole package via ZOHO ONE Apps.


Now Starling is using centralize platform streamlined with end to end integrated system on cloud technology provided by ZOHO, They are successfully driving the business in smoother pace now. There employees are happy and streamlined, all the expense doesn’t matter it took place either in France, Saudi Arabia or UAE it hits the system real time and cases are expedited same time.


Now they are able to track the employee’s expenses, their investment journey and there People with the help of ZOHO ONE with single click, there owners are aligned and there business is smooth.