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AL Tahaluf Real Estate


Introduction to company

AL-TAHALUF Real Estate Company is one of the largest homebuilders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are proud of multinational heritage through merging the expertise of founders: Hamad Bin Mohammad Bin Saedan Real Estate Investment Group, and K. Hovnanian Homes – international developers of residential projects. Bringing together more than 60 years of international experience in real estate development communities

Computerization / Software Requirements

Al-Tahaluf were looking for Client Relationship management system, There Sales and Call center team were working completely manually on excel sheets before they realized that CRM system can let there team grow exponentially, They wanted to have a system by which they can centralized and streamline their entire sales database with automation.


They were facing a lot of issues including but not limited to like, loss of data, the increasing human errors and no central place to track the sales performance, the day by day load of back log work was increasing and there skilled strength was consumed on backbreaking work.


AL-FAHAD Implemented ZOHO CRM Enterprise version in Al-Tahaluf Real Estate for the team of 20 Members, They entirely converted there manual system into automated system, from leads management to property management and booking, All of their information are now on their dashboards from users to management.


The flow of information and team leading is the key benefit they are all enjoying now, Now they are very satisfied and completely centrally streamlined, They are now appreciating the benefits of ZOHO CRM from 1st piece of information till management of won customer.


They are very satisfied now, They can now track the performance of their sales team, Have increased their revenues with timely follow up, and automated To Do List, The system reminds and traces there activities and Team are engaged in performing more focused work.