ZOHO Software Consulting

ZOHO Software Consulting

The Operating System for Your Business

ZOHO is one of the best cloud computing platform to run your entire business with extreme ease of use, very intuitive appearance and very attractive GUI


ZOHO has everything to run your entire business whether it’s Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Automating Sales force (CRM), Managing People (HR), Project Management, or Reporting, Dashboards and Analytics


ZOHO provides the online custom Application Builder, to cater the business specific needs.


AL- FAHAD IT Consulting as an experienced and passionate partner of ZOHO has all abilities to Synchronize your business with ZOHO.


AL-FAHAD provides professional Services for ZOHO CRM, Finance, HR, ERP and Custom Application Development. Our rich experience helps organizations to speedup the implementation process and get Best ROI on every single Dollar invested on ZOHO Products.

Zoho One
(Business Operating System)
Zoho One is all-in-one revolutionary suite of software that offers the whole range of software solutions developed by Zoho under single license.  Learn More
Zoho CRM
(Sales Software)
Customer Relationship Management software is used to manage the sales pipeline. From managing the leads, converting them into potential deals, making sales and meeting targets.  Learn More
Zoho Books
(Accounting Software)
Zoho Books is an innovative single entry accounting system on cloud that helps businesses to run their complete account and finance operations in a very efficient manner. Learn More
Zoho People
(HR Software)
Zoho People is a contemporary human resources management system. It has capability to manage the HR needs of small scale to large scale organization. Learn More
Zoho CRM Plus
(Customer Centricity)
Zoho CRM Plus is an advance and highly integrated suite of application that covers the end-to-end customer handling operations of any organization. From leads management to run the after sales business.  Learn More
Zoho Workplace
(Office Suite)
Every business needs the fundamental tools like word processor, spreadsheets, presentation builders, online meetings utility, and most essentially the clean, fast and robust emailing system. Learn More
Zoho Desk
(Customer Support)
Zoho desk is new generation customer support tool. It has direct integration capability with Zoho CRM to generate the 360 degree view of customer activities.  Learn More
Zoho Inventory
Zoho Inventory is a modern inventory and warehouse management tool that helps organizations to run multiple warehouses and inventory locations with ease of access.Learn More
Zoho Analytics
(Business Intelligence)
Zoho Analytics is an advance Business Intelligence, reporting and analytical tool. It has the capability to connect with several types of databases and generate powerful visual and tabular reports. Learn More
Zoho Creator
(Custom Apps)
Zoho Creator is a platform to build the custom applications using the online programming language Deluge. Zoho creator is the right fit to build such application. Learn More
Zoho Projects
(Team Integration)
Zoho Projects is a must have tool for the companies engaged in the projects deliveries business of any type. It has capabilities to manage the entire teams including internal and external stakeholders.  Learn More
Zoho Campaigns
(Email Marketing)
Zoho campaign is an advance email marketing tool with high level security protocols that ensure the higher deliverability inbox landing of email marketing campaigns. Learn More
Zoho Mail
(Emailing System)
Zoho mail system is considered to be the cleanest emailing system on internet. It provides the fines emailing services with industry leading S/MIME and e-discovery  Learn More
Zoho Recruit
(Recruitment Management)
Zoho Recruit is an online tool that helps companies to automate the whole process including the ad publications, collecting CVs, screening, interview scheduling, appointing. Learn More
Zoho Sign
Zoho Sign is an online document signing tool that allows users to sign the document digitally and send other users to sign and verify. It is ESIGN and eIDAS certified.Learn More
Zoho Remotely
Zoho Remotely is a suite of 11 applications that helps organizations to let their employees work from remote locations with seamless integration with their assignments. Learn More